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Fun activities to do in Newcastle

Between its industrial and cultural heritage, vibrant nightlife and Victorian style backdrop, New castle is one of the most exciting places to explore. There are so many ways to see what Newcastle has to offer. Here is our guide to the best activities you can delve in for plenty of fun.

The Newcastle Castle

Right at the heart of the city, discover the medieval castle where the city’s name emanated from. The castle has a gatehouse known as the Black Gate, a small museum and a keep. Learn the rich history through the exhibitions that give insights to the fortress that was built by the Romans. Go back in time and get a taste of what it was like to live in the medieval castle. Besides, the rooftop view of the castle’s environs is nothing short of spectacular.

The Tyne Bridge

Opened in 1928 by King George V, the iconic Tyne Bridge is a symbol of Newcastle’s identity. At the time, it was the longest single bridge in the whole world. It is one of seven bridges across the River Tyne in and around Newcastle. The majestic Gateshead Millenium Bridge is also another bridge across the River Tyne that remains a popular spot for tourists to visit either on foot or riding a bike.


This lively and popular spot has several restaurants, bars, art galleries and concert halls. On Sundays, the outdoor open market comes to life with traders from various parts of the area showcasing a variety of products. From clothing, toys, jewellery and handmade products and great food, there is so much to see and choose from.
In summer, the quayside seaside is a favourite for beach lovers who fancy spending the day soaking up the glorious warm sun. With the new colourful beach huts, volleyball nets, deck chairs and a climbing hall for children, everyone’s bound to have fun by the seaside.

The vibrant Nightlife

From relaxed lounges playing soft music in the background to vibrant pubs with balconies overlooking the streets, Newcastle caters for all tastes. Local party goers enjoy regular night outs, and visitors are keen on experiencing the Geordie hospitality. If you are looking for a place to drink and dance the night away, then sample Newcastle by dark and get to relish the retreat.

Art and Museums

One of the best ways to learn about our rich history is to discover the array of Museums in Newcastle that will leave you with incredible stories from our past. The variety of Art on display gives you a peek at our history. If you are looking for fun and a learning experience for the whole family, The Discovery Museum offers just that and more. It has an interactive science maze that will keep everyone engaged. You can also check out the Great North Museum and discover the reason why it features as a top tourist attraction with its natural history and Art that features the Hadrian wall and several other exhibits.

Delicious Geordie Foods and Drinks

When you travel to Newcastle, the Geordie cuisine may not be the first thing you hear about. To a foreigner, the names of the local foods sound amusing, if not confusing at first. One thing you can count on is that the traditional ‘northern food’ tastes heavenly!
From the memorable Gregg’s Pasty to the richly flavoured Newcastle Brown Ale, there are a plethora of culinary delights and drinks to suit every taste. Here are our top picks from the North East.

Greggs Pasty

The Gregg culinary outlet has been around for more than 7 decades. They have some of the most delicious snacks, including biscuits, sandwiches, doughnuts and salads; however, the Greggs pasty is the icing on the cake. These memorable Greggs pasties consist of a delicious puff pastry with a hot filling.
Ask any Geordie abroad what they miss most about home, and most of them have one answer: Greggs pasties.

Singin’ Hinnies

The Singin’ hinny is quite popular across the North East. Its ingredients include flour, butter, milk, salt, currants, lards and baking powder.
Guys from Northumberland, the origin of this savoury griddlecake, pronounce honey as ‘hinney’- often a term of endearment to a loved one. And that’s where the word hinney comes from.
What about the singin’ moniker?
Cook the blend on a griddle pan and the dough starts singing. While baking, the fat contents in the mixture start melting, giving off some whistling sound.
So, don’t leave the North without dancing to the tune of these sweet singin’ hinnies.

Pan Haggerty

Another delicacy with an equally fascinating name, the Pan Haggerty, is a favourite among kids. This dish resembles the French Dauphinoise potatoes, but for a small twist, we don’t have cream in our ingredients.
This delectable meal is a blend of thinly sliced potatoes, mature cheddar cheese and fried onions and the noticeable sprinklings of ‘Geordie flavour’. And it is even heartier when served with egg, bacon, fish or meat.


Stotties are rich in history as they are in taste. They come in a round, flat shape with an indent in the middle. A stottie is also heavy but with a wonderful starchy texture to break your fast.
Most people like fillings like pease pudding, bacon, eggs or thick ham alongside their stottie cake. But butter can also do.
The name stottie comes from the Geordie word ‘to stott’. This word means to bounce and ideally, the loaf is said to bounce when dropped on the floor (in case you are wondering, no, each loaf isn’t tested for bouncing quality measure).

Saveloy Dip

The Saveloy Dip is a seasoned sausage sandwich, but that’s not all.
If you are in for a mouthful, it is a smoked sausage rolled in a bread roll, soaked in gravy, dunked in fat before being wrapped in mustard, stuffing and Pease Pudding (see next). This dish is mostly served with chips to heighten the saveloy feeling.
The red colour of the sweet dish comes after the sausage is boiled in water with added red colouring.

Pease Pudding 

Another Newcastle favourite, the pease pudding or pease porridge, is a smooth, spreadable paste. Its ingredients include yellow split beans, potatoes, onions and seasoning. It is usually eaten with pork or in sandwiches.
Unlike in the past, when it was blended with ham or bacon in the same pan, it now comes as a cold paste, which is then separately served with stotties, ham or bacon.

Newcastle Brown Ale

Nowadays, it may be sold in more than 40 countries, but at home, it is still the favourite. After all, this distinctive English-styled beer has washed down stotties down people’s throats for almost a century.
It is also fondly known as the Newkie Brown, a pint of Broon or bottle of dog. The maxim, ‘why drink from a glass what you can drink from the bottle’ has never rung truer than with this dark ale.

Explore the best walking routes in Newcastle

Walking or hiking is a great way to enhance your wellbeing while enjoying nature’s beautiful scenery. Nothing beats a relaxing stroll in the warm weather while soaking in the beauty of nature’s breathtaking views. Additionally, it gives you a chance to make friends while enjoying the great outdoors. New castle is a hikers’ paradise with a myriad of sites to discover. It presents the perfect opportunity to put on your hiking boots and embark on a memorable adventure. Whether you opt for a leisurely walk or a challenging hike, in Newcastle, you will be spoilt for choice. Here are our top picks of the best places to explore that will set you on track.

Desmond Dean to the Tyne

Desmond Dean is the perfect spot for a stroll. Enjoy breathtaking views and the fresh, crisp air as you follow the trail along the meandering Ouseburn River to the Dune that leads you to the magnificent waterfalls. Its environs are picturesque, with the blooming flowers along the river banks and the leafy green trees. The rustling of the leaves in the wind will feel like music to the ears as you soak up the warmth of the sun in this splendid setting.


Northumberland is a distinctive feature of public art with a spectacular landform sculpture of a female form that is truly a sight to behold. Taunted to be one of the largest land sculpture in the world, the unique art, also known as The Lady of the North, is an impressive 100 feet high and a quarter of a mile long. It boasts of miles of footpaths twisting through curves and a large country park in its backdrop that makes for an ideal setting for a leisurely walk.


The National Trust’s Gibside estate features perfectly manicured gardens, stunning ruins and woodlands that are a beautiful blend of nature. The scenic views that abound the winding footpaths offer a unique experience for outdoor lovers. If you are looking for peace and tranquillity, Gibside is a pleasant escape from the busy life of Tyneside. A walk through Gibside is not complete without touring the Majestic Gibside Chapel and exploring the ruins of the Orangery and Gibside Hall.

Exhibition Park

Sometimes, the most beautiful sites are in plain sight; we do not need to search far and wide. Exhibition Park is a gem that is located right at the heart of the City. Walking through the marked routes is a lovely way to spend a warm afternoon and to crown it all; the park beholds a beautiful lake that acts as a beautiful backdrop for a lovely picnic.

Shopping in style in Newcastle

Shopping in style is only possible when you find the right locations to visit. Newcastle, with its striking coastline and stunning bridges, is a great shopping destination. The shopping scene offers all you could want. It boasts of amazing stores, ranging from high-end designer boutiques, huge entertainment complex to quirky vintage stores. These four unique shopping destinations offer you a chance to access incredible products and services for your every need, taste and budget.

Eldon Square Shopping Centre

The incredible Eldon Square Shopping Centre and designer-led Eldon Garden must be at the top of the list for your shopping destinations when visiting Newcastle. With over 34 million visitors a year, The Eldon Square shopping centre is a busy hub, with an impressive collection of about 150 specialist outlets and stores.

Products range from homeware, fashionable clothes and a myriad of beauty accessories for the entire family, foods and drinks and many more. Shopping in this store simply leaves you spoilt for choice. Eldon Square shopping centre is the best place to get yourself that new outfit for a special occasion or have a lunch date with friends in one of the store’s quality food and drink outlets. Nasspresso Coffee Shop, one such popular outlet, is said to have the best coffee in the entire U.K., yet another great reason to visit this store.

Trinity Square

This amazing store is located on the South side of the River Tyne, in Newcastle’s adjoining town of Gateshead. The store offers a different range of shopping departments that showcase different products, including various restaurants and food outlets, where you can easily grab that quick snack as you shop. Discover high fashion boutiques, kitchenware, toy stores, electronic departments, including home appliances, among others. Trinity Square offers you an opportunity to shop in a laid-back manner.

Royal Quays Outlet Centre

Royal Quays is quite an eye catching amongst other shopping destinations, with over 50 outlets and store departments to choose from. Renowned brands such as Next, Clarks, GAP, The Body Shop, to name a few, promise an extraordinary shopping experience with tantalizing bargains and great discounts. The store houses an interesting choice of eateries such as Costa Coffee, where you can grab a cup of coffee and wind down after an afternoon of shopping. Another key attraction while visiting this store is their regular entertainment and leisure venues on-site such as the Evolution Football Center, a place for fun and family to pop in and have some fun after a bit of shopping.

Metro Centre

Metro Center is a one-stop shopping destination for the entire family. Open from 9 a.m to 7 p.m, the centre offers shoppers another fabulous time while shopping. The Metro Center, exquisite in design, is a shopping and entertainment complex with a list of fantastic retailers, showcasing a host of products and services. It has over 50 different restaurants to dine with family and friends and entertainment departments, including the Odeon IMAX Cinema. A ‘one of a kind’ in the entire region, the center also houses the Namco Funscape for family entertainment, a fun alternative to shopping, complete with ten-pin bowling alleys and dodgems, doubling the fun for you and your family. This amazing shopping center is sure to become your favorite place to shop.